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What is TightProjector?

TightProjector is a program that can transmit the screen of a particular Windows computer to other computers in the same local-area network. The data is transmitted continuously, in real time.  In other words, you “project” a screen to other networked computers. See more documentation here.

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This is a small library that provides the same functionality as TightProjector.  You can use it to develop application that can make broadcast screen of computer to LAN.

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Latest news...

October 18, 2014
TightProjector version 2.0.4 is successfully released with a heap of new features and bug fixes. Check the full list of changes  in TightProjector 2.0.4.

April 06, 2014

New version 2.0.3 brings bugfixes for TightProjector and TightReceiver. Find more about new version of the full list of changes  

October 26, 2013

TightProjectorSDK 1.0 available now. It is a small library that can be used for develop application for broadcast the screen of computer to LAN. Find more about library in the documentation