What is TightProjector?

TightProjector is a program that can transmit the screen of a particular Windows computer to other computers in the same local-area network. The data is transmitted continuously, in real time.  In other words, you “project” a screen to other networked computers. See more documentation here. You can download and try а free TightProjector trial. Its operating time is limited by 20 minutes. For the full-featured version visit our Online store.


TightInformer instantly sends text messages across network recipients, but unlike most of typical messaging software it displays messages as a news ticker. TightInformer works in cooperation with TightProjector or individually. Inform all the people in your network about important news, interesting events, useful innovations with TightInformer! You can download and try а free TightInformet trial. For the full-featured version visit our Online store.

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Latest news...​
July 05, 2015
TightProjector version 2.1.2 is successfully released with a new features and bug fixes. Check the full list of changes  in TightProjector 2.1.2.

March 20, 2015
New version 2.1.1 brings bugfixes for TightProjector and TightInformer. Find more about new version of the full list of changes.

December 27, 2014
We are happy to present TightInformer 1.0.
TightInformer is a tool to send simple text messages over the network and to display them on recipient’s computer as a ticker.

TightProjector Software

TightProjector software