What is TightProjector?

​​TightProjector, a tool to broadcasts the desktop screen

of a computer for presentations and training sessions


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​​The latest news

December 24, 2017

TightProjector 2.1.4  is successfully released with a few bug fixes.

December 17, 2017

A new version of TightProjectorPro is now available in our Download section. It includes heap of bug fixes and performance optimization. Check the full list of changes.

May 28, 2017
New version TightProjectorPro 1.2.2 brings bug fixes for Windows 8 (10). Read the full change log and get the updated version.​​​​

January 29, 2017
TightReceiverPro 1.2.1  is successfully released with a few bug fixes and new features. Check the full list of changes  in TightProjector.​​​​


TightProjectorPro – new opportunities for broadcasting images and sound.

TightProjectorPro has a lot of new features to meet customers’ requirements which make it a useful instrument for different spheres requiring simultaneous information broadcasting on several screens: from education (explaining material to students from a lecturer’s computer) to transport (using airport indicator boards) and business (performing multimedia presentations on negotiations or meetings).
With the new ability to broadcast audio lecturer may comment on the presentation in real time. And any broadcast session may be stored in a file and later reproduced without any effort. Users can view the same screencast in different Remote Desktop sessions running on the same computer.
For the more detailed description see the feature matrix​​Visit our Online store for get the full-featured version.

TightInformer’s News Ticker Increases Corporate Productivity

TightInformerPro  a tool to send simple text messages over the network and to display them on recipient’s computer as a ticker.
In a bigger company network messaging is veins the workflow runs through. Indeed, in many cases network messages are faster than calling a phone and are more convenient too. Also, administration can broadcast messages to all employees at once greatly increasing productivity and inter-division operation efficiency.
TightInformer instantly sends text messages across network recipients, but unlike most of typical messaging software it displays messages as a news ticker. So a user sees not just a notification of an upcoming message, but the message itself. Chances the information passes unheeded are minimal with a ticker. The tool can also be used as a way to deliver simple text information on big screens in public places: shops, malls, airports and so on. 

For the more detailed description see the feature matrix. Visit our Online store for get the full-featured version.