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The TightProjectorPro has a lot of new features to meet customers’ requirements. With the new abilities you can use it more effectively. You can upgrade previous version of the TightProjector to TightProjectorPro. Visit our Online store  and get your registration key now.​

TightInformer upgrade will also be available in the near future.

January 29, 2017
TightReceiverPro 1.2.1  is successfully released with a few bug fixes and new features. Check the full list of changes  in TightProjector.​​​​

 December 19, 2016
We are happy to present  TightProjectorPro 1.2.
This version provides the Client Deployment tool that performs silent installation of the client part (TightReceiverPro)  to computers distributed throughout your network. And  a lot of bugfixes and minor improvements.​

We are pleased to present our new products.  TightProjectorPro offers the ability broadcast audio, save broadcast session to a file, extended bandwidth control and lot of new improvements.

TightInformer  – a tool to send simple text messages over the network and to display them on recipient’s computer as a ticker.

TightInformerPro with  the ability broadcast audio.

See the latest  information about our products here.

TightProjector is a program that broadcasts the screen of a computer to several other computers connected into a local-area network. The data is transmitted continuously, in real time.  In other words, you “project” a screen to other networked computers. See more documentation here. TightProjector have a free trial version for you to take the first attempt and see if you are comfortable with service and function provided. For the full-featured version visit our Online store.

Please feel free to contact us info@tightprojector.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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